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Why is e-commerce the business of today?

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Digital Blog


Is e-commerce the right move for me? This is what most business owners ask us lately, and we will try to give you a quick answer to it below.

Our buying habits have changed for good, it is almost impossible now to go back to how things once were. Online shopping has been around for a long time, but it has reached its pick with Covid. We are now used to shopping from the comfort of our homes. We don’t have to get into the trouble of going outside.

E-commerce is the future


E-commerce has revolutionized the way all businesses work and changed the way people shop completely. Electronic commerce is what e-commerce stands for, and it is usually associated with purchasing and the sale of goods, services, and information in the online world. Research* has shown that in the year 2021, e-commerce owned around 20 percent of retail sales worldwide. Furthermore, e-commerce purchases are skyrocketing, and now is the time to invest in this field.

Digital marketing has played a big role in e-commerce success. Looking back, marketing was exclusively based on certain media like TV, radio, and billboards. Now it has shifted mainly to the digital world, therefore leading to the creation of digital marketing. E-commerce’s success in reaching more people and increasing its sales, is mostly due to digital marketing strategies.

E-commerce benefits 

Pricing: It is known that online stores tend to price their products lower, as they don’t need to maintain a physical store. So, they don’t have the obligation of charging for things like employees, electricity, and probably rent. The only thing that is costing them, is the price of digital marketing and the cost of website development.

Convenience: As it was mentioned e-commerce is convenient for so many people. They don’t have to get out of the house at all or worry about transportation if the store is not close enough to them. Online stores are always with them.

Availability 24/7: An online customer can place an order anytime they please, even during hours that physical stores are typically closed. It also helps people that have a busy schedule, with no time to attend to a physical store, they can just order at 2:00 am when they are at home bored.

Always a pleasant experience: At times, people might have a hard time communicating and this can ruin their experience, leading to a bad store reputation. This can be avoided in an online store, as long as you have a well-designed website (link) your customers will have a pleasant experience.

There is no doubt this is a lasting change, people are now used to the convenience and will not be settling for less. The future many people have been dreaming of for years has come. Online shopping is something that we can certainly not live without now. More and more people have been investing their money in this field and even committing to careers in e-commerce.

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