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Top 10 facts about Social Media & Content Marketing Success!

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Digital Blog


Content and social media marketing can increase your audience and clientele in a drastic way. Getting started with no previous experience or knowhow could be challenging.

It’s a must to understand social media marketing facts. These 10 facts will help you build a core that will serve your customers, your brand and finally increase your income.


More listening and less talking is required to Succeed with Social Media and Content Marketing. Learn what’s important to your audience by listening to them. It’s the only way you don’t clutter others life’s and just give them what they want.


Specialise! It’s better to than doing everything. Highly focused Content Marketing and Social Media strategy intended to build a strong brand has a better chance for success than an all in one solution brand.

Success in Social Media and Content Marketing doesn’t happen within a few actions. You have to be consistent in quality and quantity in order to gain peoples trust. Keep on the good job, all needed is just some time to grow BIG.

Quality over quantity. It’s more preferable to have 500 online active connections who read, share and talk about your content with their own friend than 10000 connections who just exist on long list to your account.


Online influencers in your market have quality audiences. Make some Research to spot them. They are likely to be interested in your services,  products and business. Connect with them and work to build quality relationships.

Interesting information might be shared or discussed by huge audience if exposed by the right person, Brand, blog or Website.

Amazing, quality content and work offered to online audience creates quality followers who will share it with their own audiences on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, their own blogs and more.

Sharing and discussing your content triggers Google SEO system to suggest you in keyword searches relevant to your content. You can grow hundreds or thousands leads of people to find you online through SEO.

Be available to your audience. Don’t disappear after publishing your content. Consistently publish content and participate in conversations about your content or relevant content. Online Followers prefer what they like and they won’t hesitate replacing you to a more relevant, active and consistent editor.


Ignoring someone who reaches you in person is rude. It seems obvious but many people don’t understand that ignore someone online is the same as in real life. Build relationships! Every person who reaches you has to get treated good. Relationships is a very important part of social media marketing!


Directly promoting your products and services on the social Web make people bored and finally you get ignored. You have to add value to your relation with them. Focus less on sales and more on the creation of amazing content.


Sharing and talking about content published by others will eventually force them to share you back. That way you have access to active audience with relevant interests.

You may find the above “to much to do” but its a fact. You only have to InteractShare and be Social.