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Proper mobile SEO services are Key to Online Marketing!

by | Mar 25, 2018 | Digital Blog

Proper mobile SEO services are Key to Online Marketing!
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At the last years, more businesses have discovered the power of Facebook advertising. Facebook became a part of most people’s lives all over the world. You think that is not valid in the case of Cyprus. You are Wrong!

If you are a fun of numbers and stats just take a look:

A research carried out by governmental statistics services in Cyprus outcomes than 69.7% of the people who use the Internet is connected with social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

The more economically active age group of 25-54 which is the largest segment with 377 488 users.

Internet users between the ages of 16-24 in Cyprus score the highest percentage of 94.7%.

It’s not just the scale of Facebook advertising that makes it powerful. It’s the combination of scale with the ability to use a wide advertisement variety, and the massive amount of user’s targeting data available.

For a business it is very important to get an advantage of this extended use of social media by maintaining a professional presence on the right social networks, showcasing your brand image and connecting to people that are interested in your services or products.

The power of Facebook advertising is Great. You can reach the right people within almost a million users in Cyprus. Harness the Power of Facebook Advertising.

It’s usually expected that any reputable Business will have an easily fund Facebook page. Only a few companies have optimizing their page, publishing regular updates, or promoting it. A big question arises when you see that a “Good” company has only 100 people liking and following their page. Do they deserve the trust they have?

On the other hand, a popular page, supported by people in your Facebook network assures you that it worth doing business with. Investing in setting up a great Facebook page and promoting it is a great idea. It’s relatively cost-effective because you can target people likely to be interested in your business effectively.

Boost your Content and People will follow you. As the organic/unpaid reach of Facebook Pages has been lowered, spending some money to promote competitions, exclusive offers, and the latest product is a great idea.

Remarketing for customers left products in their shopping basket or been distracted from filling in the order form can bring them back. By targeting those customers on Facebook, you can pop up, and push them to return.

Facebook Lead Generation adverts are useful because potential customers can share their details without leaving the social network. Furthermore, Facebook wants to encourage people staying Lead Generation adverts to get a higher reach, better conversion rates, and cost cheaper.

The Right People at the Right Time! Facebook Advertising allows you to target people who might not even know they need your services or products. The demographic information includes a wide range of options to choose from in order to access the right people at the right time and place.

Is the right time to use Facebook Advertising for your business?

Your business really can’t ignore Facts.

Facebook captures the attention of almost 93% of Cyprus economically active population! Act now!

Almost 95% of Cyprus youth use Facebook as the main socializing way! Don’t ignore the Future!

It’s an advertising and promotional opportunity your business can’t miss.