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Does your business need a mobile friendly website?

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Digital Blog

Why does your business need a mobile – friendly optimised website? 


In today’s world, it is undeniable that it’s mandatory for a business to own a place in the digital world. Most of our lives, revolve mainly around our mobile phones, as it is more accessible in our everyday routine. Users search mainly from their phones, making it further likely to stumble across your website from a mobile device. So, shifting to a mobile friendly website that every user can handle is greatly important, it will surely not go unnoticed that you created a mobile friendly website. A study* that took place in 2020 shows that 60% of shopping occurs online. Therefore, businesses are starting to take more seriously the topic of website development, adjusting their websites in mobile form, so that they are more mobile friendly and to ensure a great experience for their visitors. Website optimization  is achieved by using certain tools to drive more traffic to your website. 

Some steps for a better website development: 

  • Keep people scrolling 

Having to click on multiple buttons can make people get tired easily, instead you can make your page scrollable to keep the viewer engaged. Long scrolling websites adjust well to many devices and increases speed for someone that might have bad Wi-Fi. 

  • Easy to use buttons

You need to take into consideration the way viewers use their phones, they mostly use their thumbs to navigate through the phone. Making buttons accessible and mobile friendly, can leave your users satisfied. 

  • Manage content according to screen size

The mobile version of a website can differ a lot from its desktop version, in this case, you have significantly less space to work with. Tailor your photos and videos to the right size to fit perfectly into a mobile screen.   

  • Use keywords to increase optimization 

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you get better rankings from Google and puts your page in a higher place. It can also help your website show up in peoples google searches, that have never heard of your company before and end up as your client. Using keywords will help your optimization 

  • Clustered site, clustered mind

A lot of information can confuse the reader, make sure you keep a tidy space. Provide clear information that your user can easily see, so that he can get the answers he is looking for easily.  

Mobile friendly

If you are still wondering if there are any benefits in shifting to a mobile friendly optimized website, here is a list of them to help you: 

More traffic to your website:

Attracts more local customers by using SEO, resulting in more eyes on your site and therefore customers and good rankings. This factor can prove to be very important.   

Upgrading your user experience: 

By modifying it as mobile friendly, users will have a pleasant experience, satisfied customers will probably remember you and return to your website, thus growing your business.

Boosts websites speed:

People hate slow websites and have very little patience with them. Optimizing your mobile website can increase speed. The more speed your website has, the higher ranking it will have on Google, developing your website accordingly will also ensure a happy visitor. 

Spend more time on the site:

People have spent years finding ways to keep people engaged, website development has improved in this field a lot. Having a good site experience can increase the time a user will spend browsing, and there’s a big probability they will return or become a client.  

Expands brand reputation:

Websites are starting to replace word of mouth, your website plays a role in any reputation that your business obtains, keeping a professional image will benefit the reputation your business has.   


Website development is a big part of a business responsibility and should be taken seriously. Without website optimization, no matter how many people search relevant words that have a relation to your business, you will not pop up in the search results, causing your website zero recognition. Remember, the most important part is having a mobile friendly website and a good website development. 

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