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How to determine If your content is of high-quality in digital marketing terms

by | May 6, 2018 | Digital Blog

One of the challenges you have in Digital Marketing is continually and consistently creating a high-quality and valuable content. Always keep in mind that ‘Your Content is the Present and Future of your Marketing Strategy’.

What Is Content and Why Is So Important?

Generally, a content is a strategic marketing approach based on texts, pictures, videos in order to attract and retain your particular audience and drive them to take action.

‘The Success of your Website Depends on your Content Quality’. Your content should be tailored to your target audiences’ interests and needs in order to engage them with your business’ services or products.

Let’s see how a high-quality content should be:

Write Original Content
A content which includes unique, original (non-copywriting) texts or visuals (images or videos) can boost your SEO ranking. Google wants to reward high-quality sites that are based on original content by increasing your ranking search results. Your audience and your potential ones will be more confident to trust you and your product/service and that increase your brand authority.
Always Create Strong Headlines

Your headline should be short, smart and attractive. If the headline is too long, the possibilities of reading it are too low. 80% of people tend to read the headline (headlines drive interests and lead users to read it), but only 20% will read the rest of your content. ‘You should always Step Into your Customers Shoes’, in order drive them to you.

Always Use Photos and Videos
Your content should be provided with photos or videos because ‘Visuals Deliver more Information and Faster’ and are more attractive than paragraphs or texts. ‘Visual content is more than 40 times to get shared on social media’.

  1. 94% Blogs with images get more total views.
  2. 60% Consumers are more likely to consider or contact with your business when an image shows up in their search results

For the videos, it is believed that they have become the most powerful marketing tool to communicate with your audience more easily than readers.

Write Blogs on your Website
If your audience finds your blog’s topics useful to them they will probably revisit your website‘People love stories’, and they tend to read what is interesting to them, which is more likely to drive readers to engage with your content. This will also lead to more traffic to your website which improves your SEO.

  • Another important rule you should keep in mind is to use headings, subheadings, bullet points, lists to ‘Make sure your reader will stay on your page (easy to read)’.
Engaging Content
Try to choose a topic that will be interesting and useful to your audience (news, pieces of advice, general information of what you are offering). ‘An Attractive Post or Blog Introduction Can Grab Audience’s Attention’, ‘Make them wonder’ and lead them to click on your post to read it or share it with a call to action button (like, share, a link, call now, book now). ‘Users Tend to Share What They Like’ especially if it’s something funny or when they want to recommend it to the others.

  • Creating events is also a part of powerful content marketing because ‘People who Attend to your Event Will Remember You’ (customers experience).  Always ‘Keep your Customers Up-to-Date’ about your event details, news, updates (boost engagement).
Always be accurate on what you are writing

When you post an information or blog, ‘Your Source Should Always Be Authoritative to Gain more Trusts from your Readers’. Imagine if you post something which is incorrect, your brand image will be damaged. Therefore, it is recommended to back up and support what you are writing or link your content to other sources (increase SEO results).


  • Ease customers’ decision-making process
  • Growth and Success of your Business (Strong Reputation)
  • Build a trusted brand
  • Positive Customer’s Experience (happy and retain customers)
  • Update your customers
  • Build a brand personality

The more users understand how they will be benefited, the more they will come to you and even engage with your content. A good content should encourage and inspire customers to take an action by giving them the value and motivation with your content to engage with your company.


To Sum up, Ask yourselves these Questions and Answer them on a piece of paper.

  1. What makes you different?
  2. What values are you offering to your customers?
  3. Why should they trust you?
  4. How can you help your customers?
  5. What is your story?
  6. What message do you want to deliver to your customers?
  7. How are you going to share all of these with your customers?

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