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Hard choice! Is Google Ads better than Facebook Ads for your business?

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Digital Blog

Audience Readiness to Buy
The most important difference between Google AdWords and Facebook advertising is the audience’s/user purpose for being on each platform.

Google users intent to Search, intent to Compare, intent to Buy. Google AdWords reach your audience the instant they search for specific keywords/products/services. This usually means that your advert appears to your audience when they are likely close to the buying stage of the sales cycle. This is the main reason why Google AdWords more often generates more conversions than Facebook ads.

The main reason being on Facebook is completely different. The main reason being on Facebook is socialisation with others having the same interests to us. So any ads served to your audience on Facebook may be well tailored to users’ specific interests, but will likely reach them at a time they are not even thinking about buying. That is the main reason Facebook ads often generate fewer conversions than Google ads. However that softer approach is very effective at generating brand awareness with a new fully targeted audience.

Cost effectiveness
Facebook is less expensive, so it can be a great option for a small businesses with limited budgets. You also have complete control over your daily budget and schedule. Facebook is more cost effective per click than Google AdWords but Facebook clicks don’t always translate into conversions because advert viewers are usually earlier in the buying cycle.

On the other hand Google’s keyword bids can get expensive, and require more research and budget. However those are typically more likely to convert.

Finally both Facebook and Google ads offer excellent visibility of Return on Investment (ROI). So in both cases you’ll be able to check and monitor how each ad performed. They also both give you good budget control tools such as visibility of cost per click and daily maximum budgets.

Platform capabilities and ease of use

Generally Facebook advertising is much more simpler to set up and manage than Google ads. Using Facebook advert you can simply ‘boost’ an existing post using just a few easy targeting options. Facebook is visual, personal and social, more creative and offers video inserts.

On the other side Google catch up due to its complex dashboard with more sophisticated reporting tools. It’s a better platform if you want to run in-depth advertising campaigns with full visibility to every variable.

Both platforms have great features, analytics and reporting, although Google’s are far more expansive and granular. Google offers multiple ad formats and a host of other variables to optimise conversions.

Audience reach and targeting
People turn to Google but don’t turn to Facebook when they want to find or buy something. Google is being offered to much more people simply because nearly everybody online uses it. There are 3,5 billion searches on Google every day while Facebook has 1,4 billion active users per month. Google’s adverts aren’t only limited to be found on Google Search but advertisers can also opt them to the huge Google Display Network consisting of over 2 million websites.

Despite Google’s valuable larger reach, Facebook’s depth and width of detailed data about consumer information can’t be beaten. Targeting is incredibly powerful, enabling you to precise target people not only geographically and demographically, but also other pages they might like or specific interests they have.

Another powerful tool Facebook has is the lookalike audience option, which essentially finds for you more people like your existing customers. The targeting process is different between the 2 because on Facebook you target interests but on Google search terms.

Facebook advertising has also one more powerful extra leverage tool Google doesn’t. Facebook enables word of mouth endorsements simply because people can see Ads and pages their friends already liked. That offers people great trust over a Brand.


Online influencers in your market have quality audiences. Make some Research to spot them. They are likely to be interested in your services,  products and business. Connect with them and work to build quality relationships.

Interesting information might be shared or discussed by huge audience if exposed by the right person, Brand, blog or Website.

Why both Facebook and Google PPC advertising are valuable for a business?

Both platforms worth the  time and budget invested because they are extremely powerful in different ways. Facebook’s wealth of data on its users and incredible targeting/aiming options contrasts with Google’s access to buyer-ready users and its excellent analytics.

If you’re a B2C company then both advertising platforms will  work well for you, although B2B business may find Google Advertising to be more effective. Want to know how Mind-Lab can help your business just Contact Us or read more about our Services.