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Is your Business in Need to Create a Website?

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Digital Blog

Since marketing is a rapidly changing industry, business owners in Cyprus without a marketing background are having a hard time succeeding in their promotional efforts.

Over the past 2 years, we have spoken with over 400 business owners and we came to the conclusion that:

  1. The average businessman does not realize the benefits of having an effective website
  2. They do not have the time to update the website’s content or respond to customers’ queries
  3. And finally, they are afraid of investing their money in websites
Do you really need a website?
Let’s look at an example, starting with a conventional shop that is located in the center and bustling area of Cyprus. Most of its targeted group is probably hanging out there and the percentage of attracting this group isn’t more than 30%.

Nowadays, 90% of Cypriots use the Internet to communicate, find personal interests and more. In this case, wherever your company is physically located, having a good-quality website gives you the dynamic and opportunity to present your products or services to up to 90% of your targeted group.

It is the first thing consumers search online, in order to find what they are they are looking for, and your website makes it much easier helping reach you and learn more about you.

Just like with your physical store you are always trying to present your organisation as professional as possible and offering the best client experience (finding easily what they are looking for, good environment, high-quality products, etc.) to get the best impression and results, it is equally important to promote your brand professionally and elegantly in the world of internet (online).

Remember that Your website is the ‘hub’ of your business, you have 100% control of its content.

Still not convinced?

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a website:

Online Presence and Visibility:

  • Having a website establishes an online presence for your business, allowing potential customers to find and learn about your products or services anytime, anywhere.

Credibility and Professionalism:

  • A well-designed and informative website lends credibility to your business
  • Consumers often trust businesses with an online presence, considering it a sign of legitimacy and stability.

24/7 Accessibility and Convenience:

  • A website provides 24/7 accessibility, so customers can browse your offerings, make inquiries, or complete transactions at their convenience, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and potential sales.

Global Reach and Market Expansion:

  • Whether you operate locally or internationally, an online presence enables market expansion and the potential to attract customers beyond your immediate physical location.

Marketing and Brand Promotion:

  • A website serves as a powerful marketing tool, enabling you to showcase your brand, share updates, and run promotional campaigns
  • You can use social media as a marketing platform to drive potential and existing customers to your website.


To sum up, the internet is part of our life now, and potential customers are spending their time more and more online, therefore it is essential for a business either small or big to have a strong online presence to REACH their customers. It doesn’t always have to be a big budget for a website, you can still get one based on your budget.