Package redesign

Client Profile:

ToyBox is a groundbreaking startup, dedicated to revolutionizing the adult lifestyle industry. ToyBox envisions a world where everyone feels empowered to explore their desires openly and without judgment. Their goal is to provide a safe and welcoming space for individuals to discover high-quality, carefully curated adult toys that enhance their intimate experiences. With a curated selection of toys, we ensure that there’s something for everyone.

Client Problem:

ToyBox wants to redesign their packaging boxes as well as create new designs to promote new toys.

Our Solution:
  • Redesigned Box Packaging:
    • Conducted thorough research into current market trends and consumer preferences in adult product packaging.
    • Collaborated closely with the ToyBox team to understand their brand identity, values, and target audience.
    • Developed multiple design concepts, exploring various color schemes, typography, and imagery to create visually appealing packaging that reflects ToyBox’s brand personality.
    • We incorporated feedback from ToyBox stakeholders to refine and finalize the design direction.
    • Created detailed mock-ups and prototypes to visualize the proposed packaging designs in real-world scenarios.
  • New Design Elements:
    • Introduced fresh design elements and visual motifs to differentiate ToyBox packaging from competitors and capture the attention of consumers.
    • Implemented modern and sophisticated aesthetics to align with ToyBox’s brand positioning as a premium provider of adult products.
    • Utilized high-quality imagery and graphics to showcase the features and benefits of the enclosed products effectively.
    • Ensured consistency in design across all packaging variants to maintain brand coherence and recognition.
  • Integration of Barcodes and QR Codes:
    • Strategically incorporate barcodes and QR codes into the packaging design to facilitate efficient inventory management and product tracking.
    • Ensured proper placement of barcodes and QR codes for easy scanning and readability by retailers and logistics partners.
    • Customized the design of barcodes and QR codes to blend seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the packaging while maintaining functionality.
    • Conducted thorough testing to verify the accuracy and functionality of barcodes and QR codes before finalizing the packaging design.
  • Quality Assurance and Compliance:
    • Adhered to industry standards and regulations governing the design and labeling of adult product packaging.
    • Conducted quality assurance checks to ensure that the final packaging designs meet ToyBox’s specifications and requirements.
    • Collaborated with printing and manufacturing partners to ensure the accurate reproduction of the designs on packaging materials.
    • Provided ongoing support and assistance to ToyBox throughout the production process to address any issues or concerns promptly.
  • Delivery of Finalized Packaging Designs:
    • Delivered comprehensive design files and specifications to ToyBox for seamless integration into their manufacturing and distribution processes.
    • Provided guidance and recommendations on printing techniques, materials, and finishes to optimize the visual impact and durability of the packaging.
    • Offered post-launch support and assistance to ToyBox to address any additional design needs or modifications as they arise.