Social media marketing

Client Profile:

Xinaris Furniture, founded 50 years ago as a small workshop in Nicosia, quickly distinguished itself by introducing automation to the Cypriot furniture industry in the early 60s. Despite challenges, Xinaris expanded operations, built a larger factory in Kokkinotrimithia, and forged a lasting partnership with Ducal Furniture in England. This led to Xinaris products being showcased in prestigious stores like John Lewis and Harrods. In the early 90s, the company opened its first showroom in Engkomi, introducing popular Cypriot-style pine furniture. By the late 90s, Xinaris partnered with IDdesign from Denmark, enhancing its product range. In 2011, Xinaris collaborated with Greek designer Michalis Aslanis, presenting the exclusive Aslanis Home Collection in Cyprus. Today, celebrating five decades of excellence, Xinaris Furniture boasts five stores across Cyprus, offering a vast collection of modern furniture for every home while remaining committed to quality, innovation, and customer needs.

Client Problem:

As Xinaris provides products promoted through face-to-face sales in stores, it wanted to increase store traffic by offering a very significant discount on specific furniture for a specific period of time with the help of a digital marketing agency in Cyprus and social media marketing. The gamma is great and Xinaris quality is a given. People know the brand for having excellent quality dining tables and beds. Since the quality is known and the prices are quite affordable but not for the general public, the client decided to reduce them for a three-day period, to take advantage and make the purchase that will refresh their dining room.

Our Solution:

Taking the branding project brief and putting down all our data and bearing in mind that the brand already has a well-known name in Cyprus, so it does not need any further recommendation, we decided to implement creative digital campaigns with a fun and engaging message that will attract the attention of the desired audience. The digital marketing campaign was mainly on the social media marketing side and based on the following messages used as content for social media posts were created that were published and ran as Google ads at the respective times:

“At Xinari for breakfast we eat the prices” 

“At Xinari for lunch we eat the prices”

“At Xinari for dinner we eat the prices”

A radio spot was also created for this concept. In the visuals, the most fun was that couples ate at each occasion but the plates and glasses were empty! As long as they ate the prices.

Our Objectives:

Our goal was to attract the attention of the desired audience with a fun message. As long as we made them laugh, we would not only maintain the good image of the brand but also inform them in a creative way about the offer during the specific time period so that they would visit the stores.

Our team’s marketing strategy:

Our message had the brand name and the offer clearly stated through social media posts and successful brand messaging strategy

1. Goal Setting

  • Primary Goal: Increase website traffic.
  • Secondary Goals: Boost brand awareness, engage with the community, generate leads, and drive conversions.

2. Target Audience Identification

  • Demographics: Age, gender, location, education, occupation, and income.
  • Psychographics: Interests, behaviors, values, and lifestyle.
  • Platforms: Focus on platforms where the target audience is most active (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).

3. Platform-Specific Tactics

  • Plan an effective content calendar and schedule social media posts to ensure consistency.
  • Leverage Instagram Stories and Reels for quick, engaging content.
  • Use hashtags effectively to increase discoverability.

     4. Advertising and Promotions

  • Paid Ads: Use targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to drive traffic.
  • Retargeting Campaigns: Implement retargeting ads for visitors who did not convert.
  • Special Offers: Promote discounts, offers, and exclusive deals to attract traffic.
Challenges faced:

For this concept we had to do a photo shoot with the brand’s furniture and there had to be models. All this was coordinated and implemented in 2 days in order to meet the client’s deadline and the offer.


The campaign went so well and was so successful in terms of engagement and traffic to the store that we repeated it in the next campaign for bed offers with the message “We set the prices at Xinari”. We did a reverse shoot showing a young couple again wanting to make their home, who were making their bed.

Mindlab’s vision for the future:

At MindLab, when we receive a brief, we don’t just treat it as a task, we give it its fair share of time, process it and collaboratively brainstorm together to offer fresh ideas that can be implemented within the client’s budget and be profitable. Cheers to all the beautiful concepts that are going to come.