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Create Instagram Business Account To Increase Your Sales?

by | May 3, 2019 | Digital Blog

In today’s article you will learn about Instagram Stories and how they can help you build your brand & increase your sales. After reading this article, you’ll know 8 useful tips on how to use Instagram Stories more effectively so you could benefit from it.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are a feature within the Instagram platform that allows users to share temporary photos and videos, which disappear after 24 hours. They are designed to provide a more casual and real-time way for users to share moments from their day and engage with their followers.

Instagram Stories offer a range of interactive tools and features that allow users to engage with their audience in various ways.

Here are some examples of interactive tools available on Instagram Stories:

  • Polls: You can add a poll sticker to your Stories, asking a question with two customizable answer options
  • Questions: The questions sticker lets you ask an open-ended question to your audience.
  • Quiz: The quiz sticker allows you to create a multiple-choice question and answers.
  • Countdown Timer: You can set up a countdown timer for an upcoming event or product launch.

Why should you use Instagram Stories?

There is no doubt that using social media to promote your brand has the fastest and most efficient results. The key is to try to engage with your customers in a personal way.

Instagram has proven to be the best platform to engage with your users as, in the last 5 years, Instagram has grown 1,400%.

Instagram stories can make it easier to:

  • connect
  • engage with users
  • humanize brands
  • create leads
  • generate customers on the platform.

Here are some ways to use your Instagram Stories more effectively with more fun while reaching your goals at the same time.

How to use Instagram Stories effectively? – 8 Tips

1. Show something Personal and Relatable.

Stories make it easy for brands to show themselves in a fun and interesting way. It’s easier than ever to humanize a brand and engage with users.

Showcasing your workspace, the production process, or introducing your team can make your brand more relatable and human, fostering a sense of trust and connection.

You must know that 500 million users are active daily from the 700 million users. And Instagram Stories make it easier to relate to a brand.

2. Use Instagram Stories Features

Use your creativity and imagination.
Features such as: geographical location tagging, hashtags, polls, gifs, stickers, etc, tend to be more attractive to users.

They can increase your:

  • followers
  • brand engagement
  • interaction with users

It makes it easier for them to find you, based on location and interest.

3. Add Instagram influencers to your Social Media

Instagram Influencers can increase your followers and sales.

There are many types of influencers, like:

  • celebrities
  • TV stars
  • bloggers
  • even animals

An influencer can take over your account for a day, or your brand can take over their account for the day. This builds the hype and reminds users where to tune in.

4. Add links to increase lead generation and sales

Storytelling boosts conversions by 30% when you use it to answer customer questions.

The  “Swipe Up” link feature on Stories, has revolutionized the way brands can convert users through social media.

This feature allows brands to add links to pictures and videos that they share on Instagram Stories.

5. Share your content

Brands can share a relevant photo or video with Instagram Stories and link to any piece of content – a blog, a page on the site, a YouTube video, an e-book, and more!

Photos, influence purchase decisions even more than videos do. Take your users where you want them to be, by including a link.

This lets a brand bring users back to their website to interact with the company on a deeper level.

6. Use Instagram influencer and brand ambassador endorsements

Use Influencers or ambassadors to post a product you love with a coupon code and a link to shop in your Instagram Story daily, so followers can shop at a discount.

Brands build relationships with Instagram influencers and brand ambassadors by offering them a free or discounted product to promote with Instagram Stories in their feed.

Since most Instagram influencers rely on companies using them to grow their individual brands, they are always looking for businesses to work with.

7. Create Ads on Instagram stories

Brands can choose whether they want their ad to run on Instagram Stories, in the Instagram feed, or on Facebook.

You can target ads based on an audience’s interests, behaviours, demographics, language, location, and more.

When ads run on Stories, users often don’t even realize that they’re seeing them. The ads flow smoothly as the user transitions from one story to the next.

Invest in Instagram Story ads to reach a broader and more targeted audience. Ads within Stories can help promote your products or services and lead to increased sales.

8. Respond to direct messages

Followers that are interested to you brand will send you a private message, and you need to respond to them directly.

When you begin with Instagram Stories, you have to be aware that potential followers and customers are expecting you to be reliable and to give them something in order to trust you.


In the end, we could say that a successful Instagram Stories strategy involves a mix of creative and promotional content. It’s important to strike a balance between showcasing your products and offering value through entertaining or informative content. By consistently following the tips presented above , you can increase both brand awareness and your sales on Instagram.

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