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Why is adding a direct messaging option to your website important for your marketing?

by | Jul 17, 2022 | Digital Blog

Marketing and messaging go hand by hand these days, don’t you think?

The purpose of mobile phone has evolved since its invention, at first, it was made only for phone calls, now it’s more like a multi-machine that you can do almost anything on. A study showed that over 68% of people text more than they talk on their phones. Consumers love fast solutions to their problems, so adding a live chat where they can reach anytime is greatly important for your website and marketing.

Why is Live Chat That Important For Your Website and Marketing?

  • New portal of communication

Firstly, a live chat provides a new way of communication with your website users and allows you to create a relationship with them. A very important factor in a business.

  • Boosts Marketing, Increases sales and creates happy clients

Then of course, after having a good relationship with your consumers, comes the increase in sales. So, installing a live chat on your website can enhance both your sales and customer support efforts. If your website users leave your website happy with your customer support, then they are more likely to come back.

  • Develops important data

The frequently asked questions that the website users will ask, about issues that they might have, will be stored as data that can help the website improve its performance. Don’t forget that the more you know about your users and their needs, the more you can improve their experience and therefore your sales.

  • Money and time saving

It’s clear that live chat is fast and doesn’t require a lot of resources, as it consists only of short messages. Your customer support group is able to support various customers at the same time via chat. Resulting, in them working faster and costing your business less money and at the same time having a great performance.

Marketing & Messaging

  • Less intimidating

Many users have a hard time expressing themselves verbally, or they are just shy and socially anxious. Let’s not forget people with disabilities that are not able to talk on the phone, disabled people still have difficulties adjusting to society as we don’t give them the chance to. The messaging option is lifesaving for them and will definitely be much appreciated. A marketing tool that can surely build a good reputation for your business.

  • People love it

Lastly, remember your website users are people with busy lives, you need to cater to their needs before another business steals them from you. These days, almost all businesses have a messaging option. But what’s different about yours? What will make a website user so impressed with your live chat (and marketing) that they will decide to place a purchase or come back even? Is it faster than others? More serviceable? In these competitive days, you need to stand out from competition.

Overall, adding a messaging option to your website, especially a live chat, can skyrocket your business, improve your marketing & sales and create a strong relationship with your website users. Though, messaging on websites has become a necessity as it transforms your website into a lead generation gadget to seize more leads and drive sales. Now that we have convinced you to add a messaging or chat option to your website, get ready for your business to arise.

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