Communication Strategy Services


We determine each client’s individual needs, after thorough examination of the company/organization in particular and the Sector it belongs to, generally, including its competition and peers.

By doing so, we are able to offer a SWOT analysis that will help us see the client’s exact positioning in terms of communication, and determine a detailed roadmap leading to specific goals.

This will lead to a robust strategy plan covering all communication Touch Points, including External (Corporate Responsibility, Media Relations, Public Relations), as well as Internal Communication, while incorporating a fully-integrated Traditional and Digital toolkit.


During Communication Plan Implementation, we are at our clients’ disposal for any fine tunings that will be required, depending on extraneous variables that will need to be taken into consideration, as well as adjustments for the optimization of the overall strategy. In doing so, we are at the position to provide top-notch copyrighting, and creative services that will complement and promote the clients’ key messaging.

Critical Communications

In an ever changing corporate, political and social landscape which is subject to major global developments, we are able to help clients to stand up to any challenge, avoiding or minimizing any major crisis, and dealing with any challenging situation that may jeopardize their Reputation.

Media Training

The Media, Traditional and Social, are the first point of communication with a company’s target audiences. It is therefore imperative to be well-prepared in dealing with these audiences, in every respect. For this reason, we are able to train a company’s designated spokesperson on do’s and don’ts when dealing with each communication channel. Also, we provide easy to follow guidelines that will give a common response plan for every employee and executive, who may be an unofficial spokesperson through their own Social Media Assets.

Crisis Management

Every major corporation and market-key player will statistically face a major challenge that may result to a major corporate crisis. For this reason it’s crucial to “build” an arsenal of necessary infrastructure that will help deal with such instances, in order to minimize the aftermath.

We are in the position to help our clients build such a tailor-made toolkit, that will include everything, from a Crisis Action Plan, a Crisis Manual, and Crisis Training, all the way to simulating an actual crisis in real time, and evaluating it’s handling.

Online Reputation Management

As crises and issues, today, are primarily driven by Social Communities, an entirely different toolbox, should include Online Reputation Management. This sees the creation of a line of actions and assets that should be used in the case of a crisis. It is a “weapon” used only when absolutely necessary, but it is the most impactful one as such.

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